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First write the essay or article. As long as your work is not written completely, it will be extremely difficult for you to summarize everything that is written in it. In addition, the result of the work may be somewhat different from what was originally planned, so it is better to leave the choice of the title to the very last moment.

Decide on the topic of the essay. The title is intended so that the potential reader, looking at him, understands how the content of the article corresponds to his interests. This means that the selected title should contain a brief idea of ​​the essence of the work and not be too lengthy. For example, such a title as “death”, “symbolism” does not fit.

Determine which audience you are writing your work for. This should be thought of at the stage of writing the article, but once again return to this issue, when choosing a suitable title for an essay. Your headline may vary depending on the target audience. Put yourself in the shoes of readers! What would make you read the article? Clarity? Brevity? Humor?

Re-read your article and find the key phrase. You will need to find in your text a word or phrase that, on the one hand, will reflect the main thesis, and on the other hand, will attract the attention of the audience. In the final part, for example, the main essence of the work should already be summarized, therefore borrowing a phrase from there and using it as a heading, you can create a rather pleasant cyclical effect.

You can also take a few words from your work and enter them into a search engine to find a quote that matches your topic. If there is one, then using it partially or completely, you can make a catchy title.

Think about borrowing key phrases from the source. The author of your source or sources, whether it be a book, a play, or other material, could have voiced the main ideas in such a way that it is better not to say so. Therefore, you can easily use a quote taken from the source as the title of your article. But it is important to remember that the quote taken should not be “isolated” from the text of your work. It is necessary to change the quote so that it accurately reflects the main essence of your article, for example: “We are carried back with the flow”: the narrative is a retrospective “The Great Gatsby”.