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In this type of essay (essay story), the author tells a story or describes his real experience. At first glance it looks like a simple essay, but you need to try to attract the reader’s attention, and, using the appeal from the first person, to interest him and, as it were, make him an “accomplice” of events. At the end of such an essay, it is necessary to draw a conclusion. For example, “My brother always knew how to find the best fishing spots. I used to love to go fishing with him because that’s when he would tell me his secrets. He told me which fly was best for catching bass and what time of day was…”
The structure of this essay is quite typical:

Introduction. In fact, it is a prehistory. You lead the reader to the story itself.
Main body (actually the story itself). There can be from 1 to 3 paragraphs, each of which should describe a specific idea or event.
Conclusion. Perhaps it was the first fishing experience with your brother that changed your life.

We remind you that the main thing is to lay out the information in a logical way, and not to forget to combine sentences with bundle words, which we already wrote about earlier. Another important point – in this type of essay, show all your imagination, that would come up with an exciting table of contents (catchy heading).

Writing narration essay is usually written in an artistic style of speech. This means that in such an essay it is possible and necessary to use all the variety of Russian vocabulary. You can even add elements of conversational style (to convey the characteristics of the speech of the characters). Despite the fact that a story is a narrative type of speech, we can add elements of description or even reasoning to such an essay. The description will help to depict the heroes of the story and the scene. Reasoning as a type of speech – will help to emphasize your attitude to what you are telling.