Looking Ahead

School is back in session, signaling the beginning of the end of summer.

The official end date for our project is the last day of August. As that day draws near, we wanted to give a quick recap of the project and share our thoughts for moving forward.

We can't begin to thank everyone enough. We extend an enormous amount of gratitude to the participating businesses and are extremely thankful for their collective dedication to supporting actions that improve our community. We are excited to announce that, even though the project will be "ending" for the summer, many of the businesses will continue to honor their deals! Next time you find yourself in one of the local businesses, ask them if they are continuing to participate!

We also would like to thank everyone who supported this project. Your ability to help spread the message directly contributed to cleaner beaches. We have received lots of questions asking about the scope of the project and where we plan to take it after the conclusion of this summer. We plan on maintaining partnerships and relationships with each of our participating businesses, and are working to expand down to the oceanfront of Virginia Beach, starting with the ViBe Creative District. The oceanfront may require a slightly different approach, but with the assistance of local businesses in the area, we are confident that we can inspire change.

The goal of this project was to influence long-term positive change in the mindset of the community by incentivizing the removal of litter from the beach. What began as an idea to clean up the beach evolved into a demonstration of the power of community. The links between local small businesses, their patrons, and cleaner beaches are more profound than just removing trash from the beach. We are proud to be a part of this community and hope you are too. - Brad, Marissa, and Ollie the Dog