Better Beach Project spot on Wavy 10 News

Met with Marielena Balouris from Wavy 10 News yesterday, and we're very happy to have their help. Many thanks to meeting with us on a less-than-ideal beach day! 

In the short time that we were out on the beach for the interview, we picked up 2 bottle caps, glass from a broken bottle, and many handfuls of plastic. All of the items were small- the sort of items that could easily have been overlooked.

The goal of Your Better Beach is to remove this sort of garbage from the beach. The method to which we will achieve this goal is to change the perception that potentially harmful items can be overlooked. By expanding our reach and getting our message out there, achieving that goal becomes a little bit easier.

Thank you again to Wavy 10 News! Let's go make your beach a better beach.

The Countdown is on!

11 days and counting! 

Starting May 1st, businesses will begin to accept full containers in exchange for incentives. The list of participating businesses continues to grow, so keep checking back in! If you can't find your favorite locally owned VA Beach business in the participating business section, ask them if they're willing to participate! We will be delivering the containers to the businesses this week and next. Keep an eye out for our flyers and containers. 

To address some concerns: 

  1. Please use caution when picking up sharp items from the beach! Kids should be supervised when handling potentially sharp objects.
  2. Please use trash cans on the beach for larger items. For exceptionally large items, please use the trash cans found near the beach accesses. The focus of this project is the smaller, potentially harmful items that are sometimes overlooked. 
  3. Please do not go through your own trash to fill a container! We (and employees at local businesses) live here and know what sorts of trash come from the beach. If you cheat, you get nothing. While we support removing all trash from the beach, bringing trash to the beach just to pick it up defeats the purpose of what we're doing.

Thank you so much, and let's make your beach a better beach!

Getting started. Getting excited!

This is the place to find the most up to date information regarding Your Better Beach. Here is where you'll find updates on participating businesses, events, and promotions.

Thank you for reading and thank you for helping to clean up our beaches. There are no underlying motives or agendas at play here-- just looking to clean up the beach and we are glad you're a part of it!